Charnock Ridgeway Juniors FC

Our football club was formed in 1984. At the local Charnock School due to sport not being played. So a small group of parents from the Charnock estate came together and formed a team to play in the Redgate Junior Sunday League as it was then called. The team was named Charnock Junior Football Club.

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Club News

CharnockGirls Tue 21st Jan 2020
What The FA Charter Standard means for Charnock Ridgeway.‘... able to demonstrate positive football environments where people can develop their skills, keep fit and enjoy

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Team News

CharnockGirls Wed 18th Dec 2019
Summer tournament at Beighton magpies when charnockridgeway u11s blacks got a surprise visit from dean Henderson (sufc gk)

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Club Contacts

CharnockGirls Wed 3rd Jun 2020
View contact details of our club staff including managers, coaches and assistants for all our teams.

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Squad News and Updates

Sunday 8th December 2019

Launch Of Development

Under 11
Sunday 19th November 2017

Sports Glasses For our goalies

Under 12 Black
Sunday 18th August 2019

Surprise visitor

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Charnock Ridgeway Juniors FC 1984 - 2020