Welcome to Charnock Ridgeway Juniors FC.

Our football club was formed in 1984. At the local Charnock School due to no sport being played. So a small group of parents from the Charnock estate came together and formed a team to play in the Redgate Junior Sunday League as it was then called. The team was named Charnock Junior Football Club.

We only required a small area to play, as we only had a  Under 11's team to start with. A couple of miles away in Ridgeway village we were eventually offered an area of land to expand thge club. The parents had to mark out the pitch and also helped out by originally making homemade goalposts.

The main point of focus was that the players enjoyed playing as part of a team, whether they had won,drawn or lost. This has been a major part of the club ethos ever since. To enjoy the game and give your all no matter the circumstances.

In 1986 we changed our name as we played in Ridgeway village it was decided that we would rename the club Charnock Ridgeway Junior Football Club. We now have teams from Under 7`s to Under 16`s in what is now called the Sheffield and District Junior Sunday League. We have also had teams in the D B Sports League at Under 17 & Under 18's age group. 

The club is organised by a committee. This consists of President,Chairman,Secretary, Treasurer,Welfare Officer and Managers of each age group. The club has been helped and supported by lots of parents and helpers over the years. They have been involved with lots of different jobs such as organising raffles, putting up nets and goal posts and also collecting litter before their team departs. Without all these things clubs would be unable to function.

We are Charter Standard Accredited through the Football Association. All teams have the minimum of one FA level 1 coach within there team. 

Club Chairperson

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Charnock Ridgeway Juniors FC 1984 - 2018

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