Welcome to the website of Charnock Ridgeway Junior Football Team. Our football club was formed in 1984. At the local Charnock School at that time, no sport was played. So a small group of parents from Charnock estate got together and formed a team and played in the Redgate Junior Sunday League as it was then called. The team was named Charnock Junior Football Club.

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Hot Weather - Sun Protection
Thu 25th Jul @ 16:02:47

Most of us welcome long sunny days after the cold winter months. However, when playing football in high temperatures and sunshine we need to make sure the children are protected .1. Wear a cap2. Keep t shirts/shirts on3. Apply sunscreen before

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Under 10 - Sunday 19th November 2017

Charnock Ridgeway Juniors FC 1984 - 2019

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